What Is The Best Alternative To CarMax When Selling A Car In Houston?

Customers over the years have come to trust the Sellingmycar4cash.com name when trying to get the largest payout for a car or truck. Our company is fully transparent and offers an above industry standard top-dollar payment for your car or truck. One of the ways we do this is by consistently paying far more than CarMax. Our process is so simple and so easy to understand that all our customers need do is get an offer from CarMax and bring it to us. With a CarMax offer in hand, we will pay you $500 more for your car or truck. No confusion, no games and no hassles simply mean that you take more cash home when selling your vehicle in Houston.

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We Pay $500 Over CarMax Amount

Our process is so patently simple that the first step is actually completed by CarMax. We then use the CarMax written offer to establish a basis with which to make you an offer. When you bring us the CarMax written offer we guarantee that we will pay $500 over that amount. That’s it, done – and we even are happy to give our customers a free courtesy ride home.

We Cover Greater Houston Area

Simply explore our service areas throughout the greater Houston area and be well on your way to selling your car or truck in the most rewarding way possible. Getting instant cash for a car or truck is a growing trend around the country that more people are now discovering. We help you seize the opportunity to get the most for your vehicle when asking the question how do I sell a car in Houston. Contact our experts today and set up an appointment to sell your vehicle in a convenient and instant cash kind of way.